At Gluco Watches™, we strive to bring you the best Diabetes Watch at the best possible price.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic illness that affects millions of people, as their body cannot produce enough insulin to regulate their blood glucose levels.

Regardless of whether you're a healthy individual, a Type-1 or Type-2 diabetic, maintaining healthy blood glucose levels is crucial as the symptoms of diabetes can disrupt your day if not properly managed.

The consequences of uncontrolled diabetes

❌ Risk of stroke

❌ Loss of consciousness

❌ Glaucoma

❌ High-blood pressure

❌ Kidney & nerve damage

Therefore, it is essential to prioritize your health and take proactive steps to manage your diabetes.

Tips to prevent/manage diabetes

Diabetes may be terrifying, but it can be managed or even prevented with proper care.

Here are a few examples that you can start incorporating into your daily routine right away to control your blood glucose levels:

✅ Engage in regular physical exercise
✅ Maintain a healthy and balanced diet
✅ Manage stress on a daily basis
✅ Avoid nicotine in all forms

  • Jenny

    It's a great Diabetes Watch. Checking my Blood Sugar finally without fingersticks improved my life quality a lot!

  • Kendra

    As someone with Type-2 Diabetes, I can't express how helpful GlucoWatch is in my daily life. It is not only able to track my glucose levels but I love how it show the results in charts which is really easy to read and understand.

  • Hannah

    I am so impressed with the GlucoWatch. My last watch I purchased was everything to me and I was nervous about getting a new one but I am so happy I did. It accurately glucose levels which are important to me. It also tracks my stress levels and educates on health habits. It's amazing I love it!


Our watch measures glucose levels through your natural skin moisture, it is also equipped with sensors that are made of infrared LEDs and photodiodes, that illuminates the blood vessels on your wrist while measuring the amount of light reflected back. The advanced algorithms of our smartwatch then calculate the color and proceed to give you a report of your health.