Insuline cooling travel bag™

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Insulin cooling travel bag™

The insulin cooling travel bag keeps your insulin safe and cool while traveling, with insulated compartments and built-in cooling technology. Convenient size with ample space for insulin pens and supplies. Perfect for on-the-go


Temperature detection: Insulin cooler housing interior equipped with a metal temperature sensor for real-time detection.

Clear display: Insulin travel case allows you to observe the temperature inside the bag to ensure the safety of your medication.

Large capacity: Insulin cooling carrying case is suitable for all diabetic supplies you need, with good capacity for convenient use.

Portable size: Insulin cooling carrying case can easily fit into your suitcase for travel, camping, travel bag, etc., bringing you much convenience.

Prevent Squeeze: Insulin cooler bag can provide an insulation barrier that keeps warm things warm and cold things cool, preventing your medication from being squeezed.


Insuline Cooler

2 x LR44 button batteries (single battery capacity 160mAh)



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